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EuPC Surveys on the Use of rPM by Plastics Converters

Participate in the EuPC's survey on the use of recycled polymers.

Polymer Producers Assessment for Europe 2023

<p>Participate now to rate your polymer suppliers' performance in the past year.</p>

BIS - Business Information System

The market news system for the plastics industry

EU Policy Follower

Your expert in EU policies: Get your 2-month free trial

Polymers for Europe Alliance

The Alliance for all users of polymers in Europe

Online Events & Webinars

Online events and webinars for the plastics industry

SDS-R Tool Service

Safety Data Sheets for Plastics Recycling



Chemical Safety Assesment Tool for the Plastics Industry

Association Management

Your Network


Regulatory News Service on REACH & CLP

Get the latest news on REACH & CLP!


Translation Service

Our Translation Service specifically for the Plastics Industry

REACH Consortium Management

Your support for scientific and advocacy activities

Events Management

We organise your event from A to Z