EuPC Surveys on the Use of rPM by Plastics Converters




The European plastics industry is facing numerous challenges regarding the transition towards a circular economy. The recycling of plastics waste and the use of recycled plastics materials (rPM) are becoming increasingly critical for the succes of the plastics industry. Especially plastics converting companies have to play their part to ensure that rPM are being used as raw material for the creation of new products. Without a strong market for rPM, recycling targets are destined to fail and the transition towards a more sustainable plastics industry would come to a halt.


In the light of these developments, the European Plastics Converters Association (EuPC) decided to launch a series of European surveys on the current and future use of rPM in Europe’s plastics converting industry. The goal of these surveys is to get more information about the current usage of rPM in the industry and to find out more about the challenges that converting companies are facing regarding the use of rPM. The EU Plastics Strategy makes it imperative to gain more knowledge about the use of rPM in the European plastics converting industry to support converting companies in the transition towards a more circular economy



Access the reports on the previous editions of EuPC's rPM survey free of charge in just a few clicks.


The 1st survey on the use of recycled plastics materials by plastics converters in Europe was conducted by Polymer Comply Europe on behalf of EuPC from May to September 2017. The participation of 485 respondents from 28 different countries ensures that the results give a representative image of the industry as whole. The industry sample as well adequately represents the whole industry in products segments, with companies from all major sectors participating. The results shed light on the incentives for the use of rPM as well the barriers hindering its usage. Furthermore, the current legislative framework is assessed regarding its ability to support the use of rPM by converters, and an outlook on future developments is given. 


The second PCE survey was from January till September 2018. During the period of 9 months, 376 companies from 21 different countries filled in the online questionnaire The survey was commissioned to follow up on the results of its first edition and provide deeper insights into the reasons preventing a bigger use of rPM by converting companies.