SDS-R Tool Service



What is the SDS-R Tool Service?


Plastics Recyclers must apply the REACH regulation and therefore provide Safety Data Sheets (SDS) to their customers. Our Safety Data Sheets Service for Plastics Recycling (SDS-R) gives recyclers access to generic and tailor-made SDS when they enter information about their company and the type of waste they recycle:


  • Creating a generic SDS based on industry knowledge.


  • Specific Tailor-Made SDSs can be requested for atypical situations and created based on information submitted (e.g. test results).




What does the SDS-R Tool offer you concretely?


  • Ease of use is guaranteed as the only input required is the previous application of your waste input.


  • Internationalisation streamlined by the availability of your SDS in 14 languages.


  • Online availability and user-friendly interface.


  • Data always up to date due to continuous updating by PCE.


  • Relying on best industry expertise and scientific assessment.


  • Guidance document with instructions for use of the tool and details on risk management procedures.
  • Special waste cases will be examined by the SDS-R team to produce your specific SDS (subject to additional consulting fees).



Fees can be found here.



Registration & Login

If you would like to register or receive more information,

please contact Polymer Comply Europe via or Tel: +32 2 732 41 24.


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