What is the PESTOOL?

The Plastics Exposure Scenario Tool (PESTOOL) is a Chemical Safety Assessment (CSA) specifically developed by the plastics industry for the plastics industry.




Who does benefit from the PESTOOL?


The tool provides a solution to the obligations laid out in article 31.7 of REACH:


  • For plastic additive suppliers, PESTOOL provides plastic specific exposure scenarios for hazardous additives.


  • For masterbatchers and compounders, PESTOOL is able to perform a CSA on their mixture resulting in a Safe Use Information annex that can be appended to the SDS. This fulfills the REACH obligation to provide Safe Use information to customers.


  • For converters, PESTOOL provides the opportunity to perform a CSA to optimize the risk management measures on the factory floor.




Why is the PESTOOL important?


Under the REACH Regulation any manufacturer/importer has an obligation to provide exposure scenarios and downstream users “shall include relevant exposure scenarios, and use other relevant information, from the safety data sheet supplied to him when compiling his own safety data sheet for identified uses“. Within ithe ndustry it is customary to attach the relevant exposure scenarios to the SDS as an annex in line with ECHA guidance. This has led to increased complexity down the value chain, sometimes reaching hundreds of pages of exposure scenarios per mixture.


Furthermore, each exposure scenario contains a set of Risk Management Measures (RMM) for the use of the product which can be a significant burden and overly stringent if all of the RMM are applied to of each component in the substance. This is especially true if these substances are incorporated in a polymer matrix which reduces exposure and thus risk significantly.


The PESTOOL solves these problems by performing a Chemical Safety Assessment.




Key features


  • Ease of Use: As a user you only have to select your substances and specify their concentration.


  • Implements the latest CLP based Lead Component Identification Methodology which uses (eco-)toxicological data stored in PESTOOL to determine the main source of risk per exposure compartment (dermal, inhalation, and environment).


  • Employs a tier 2 matrix effect model for worker exposure reducing the exposure estimates and required risk management measures.


  • Uses tier 2 environmental emission scenarios developed by the OECD.


  • Generates plastics specific Exposure Scenarios/Safe Use Information for legal compliance and communication to downstream users.


  • Provides options to optimise risk management measures on the factory floor by performing a Chemical Safety Assessment.




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